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Five Home Trends That Are Huge so Far in 2018, According to Pinterest

Five Home Trends That Are Huge so Far in 2018, According to Pinterest

It might be time to give your space a spring refresh.


While some things in our homes might last a decade, a lifetime, or even beyond, others change as swiftly as the seasons—and that’s where trends come in, delivering us the inspiration we need to add a healthy dose of spice (or serenity!) back into our décor. With more than 14 billion home ideas, Pinterest certainly has the power to pinpoint which décor details are on the minds of style savvy Pinners at any given time. And, according to the site’s just-released 2018 Home Report, here’s what people are obsessing over so far this year.

An all-white living room mantel

Swedish-Style Simplicity

A close cousin to the Danish art of hygge that was all the rage last year, lagom is a Swedish word that roughly translates to “everything in moderation.” (Pinterest saves for the word are up 905 percent.) In the home, that means choosing sustainable pieces of high quality and adopting a less-is-more approach to decorating. And if you’re lucky enough to have vistas of the sea as artwork, simple works just fine.

This Stinson Beach, California, living room puts its pop of turquoise dead center in the way of a stand-out lacquered coffee table by 1940s designer James Mont. The watery tones mix well with the cool hues found in the vintage Moroccan rug and throw pillo

Photo: Erin Kunkel; stylist: Liz Strong; design: Allison Bloom

Statement Rugs

While we will always and forever love a good seagrass rug, bold options have the power to transform a room entirely with color and pattern. And Pinterest users are all for this easy design trick, with saves for “statement rugs” up 236 percent. If you don’t want to lose that effortless beachy feel of a woven rug, try layering a statement rug over a seagrass one.


Rooftop living room


Photo by Brie Williams; Styling by Liz Strong

Concrete Flooring

Underneath those rugs, concrete is making a comeback indoors. While untouched it brings an industrial vibe, you can also polish or stain it for a look that’s entirely unique. And, most importantly at the beach, it’s incredibly durable, low maintenance, and can flow effortlessly from the indoors out. (Bring on those sandy feet!)


Kitchen island in 2017 Idea House in Newport, Rhode Island
Photo: Amy Neunsinger

Deep Shades

If you want a room to really pop, you might want to consider bringing on the bold hues. Pinners are searching for ways to decorate with standout colors, from red (up 217 percent) to dark blue (up 139 percent), at an increasing rate—and we’re definitely feelin’ it. Blue in all its forms is a perennial favorite (we love deep shades of indigo for upholstering a couch or splashed on kitchen cabinetry), but a bright, lobster-inspired shade of red just might be the year’s “it” hue.

 A peek out the window is all the evidence you’ll need to see that brown and green are a winning (and highly complementary!) color combination. In this grown-up playroom, Meg Braff Designs’ Rain Forest wallpaper climbs the walls, making the steeply angled
Design: Meg Braff; Photo: David A. Land; Styling: Lindsey Ellis Beatty and Rachael Burrow

Tropical Wallpaper

No surprise here: Apparently, more people want to feel like they live in a tropical island paradise (saves for “tropical wallpaper” are up 46 percent). From palm-leaf themes to flamingo motifs, the options are endless—and endlessly mood-boosting—for bringing tropical flair to your home. Browse 10 adorable wallpaper options we love here.



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