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Dawn Campanell

Agent at Stone Properties

Dawn is a native Northern Virginian. She grew up splitting her time between Oakton and Springfield. In 2006 she decided to settle in Leesburg with her husband. Dawn is a mother of two children and a fur baby. On the weekends she can be found exploring the forests of Loudoun County with her family, practicing karate, or photographing homes.

Dawn has always been intrigued by homes and the stories they hold. As a child she would attend open houses with her family both locally and while on vacation. She was always wondering, “who once lived there, what were their lives like and what stories does that house have to tell?” She began photographing homes while in high school and went on to earn a Bachelors Degree in photography from Savannah College of Art and Design. She loved photography but also had a passion for helping people. She earned a Masters Degree in Special Education in 2004 from George Mason University, incorporating her art background into her teaching career. In 2009 she had her first child and in 2011 with the birth of her second child she left her teaching career to stay home and focus on family. She continued to visit and photograph homes all over Loudoun County always wondering about the families who called these houses home and the wonderful times they shared within its walls.

In 2017 she made the decision to start a career in real estate. Taking her passion of helping people and her love of the stories a home holds to form a bond with her clients and guide them through the process of finding a home to create their own stories in.

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